​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SUSTAINABIL​​ITY ​FRA​​​​​​​ME​WORK

Sustainability is at the very heart of our priorities and at the centre of business decisions at QatarEnergy LNG. QatarEnergy LNG plays a significant role in contributing to the achievement of global sustainability goals and the Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030 by setting targets that cover the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainability. QatarEnergy LNG's role in the global energy sector has become more important t​​han ever with cleaner energy sources becoming a fundamental component of greenhouse gas mitigation strategies globally.  ​


Policy statement​​​

It is the policy of QatarEnergy LNG to conduct its business in a sustainable manner, responsibly managing its economic, social and environmental performance in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, while maintaining profitability and creating value.​

Our Goal​​​​​​

In line with QatarEnergy LNG's Direction Statement ​and the pillars of the Qatar National Vision, our sustainability goal is to constantly drive performance improvements by managing company resources safely, efficiently and reliably, in full alignment with the Company's financial, social and environmental priorities, applying world class management systems, thereby maximising the value QatarEnergy LNG generates for all its stakeholders.​

Our Commitmen​​ts​​​

Health & Safety – Operate in accordance with the highest health and safety standards, strengthening our incident- and injury-free culture for employees and contractors, and safe use of assets in production processes.

Environment and Climate Change – Constantly reduce the impact of our operations on the natural environment by saving resources, applying best waste and emission management practices, and eliminating hydrocarbon releases.  

Workforce – Provide personal and professional development opportunities in a safe and rewarding work environment to attract and retain a diverse, high-calibre national and international workforce.

Society – Demonstrate and promote outstanding corporate citizenship by proactively addressing societal challenges in collaboration with our partners to pave the way for a stronger and more cohesive society in Qatar, with particular focus on the Northern communities.

Economy – Contribute to economic development in Qatar by managing our operations efficiently and reliably, building strong relationships with our customers, pioneering innovative LNG applications, and demonstrating strong financial performance.   

Governance - Conduct QatarEnergy LNG's business transparently and ethically, complying with applicable laws, engaging in constructive dialogue with stakeholders on our most material sustainability issues, and making decisions that add value in the short, medium and long terms.  ​​

Sustainability ​​​​management​​

QatarEnergy LNG manages its sustainability performance by setting up objectives with corresponding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and targets, and developing a structured plan of actions directed at achieving these targets. The challenges and achievements of the Company's sustainability journey are publicly communicated in a transparent manner through the Annual Sustainability Report which is prepared in accordance with the industry reporting standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative.    ​


Every director, management team member and employee of QatarEnergy LNG is responsible for contributing to, driving, and executing the above policy as per our agreed annual objectives, sustainability framework, and goals.​​


QatarEnergy LNG has​ ten major stakeholder groups and believes in continuously engaging with these groups to maintain accountability, remain mindful​ of their interests and to be a conscientious member of the community. By engaging with stakeholders, QatarEnergy LNG ​ensures that it can safely manage its operations, provide a high quality of service, and be a major contributor to society.

The diagram below demonstrates groups of stakeholders that are significantly affected by QatarEnergy LNG's activities, products, and services, and have significant reciprocal influence. QatarEnergy LNG uses various stakeholder engagement channels to account for stakeholder interests, and to anticipate any concerns by providing adequate solutions.​