​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Contracting with Qatarenergy lng​​​

QatarEnergy LNG values its suppliers and contractors and is committed to maintain professional and ethical relationships with them.

QatarEnergy LNG has clear and fair tender procedures for contracting with suppliers and contractors for the procurement of materials and services. The procedures aim to deliver high standards of safety, quality and timely delivery at optimum cost to QatarEnergy LNG. It also aims to promote supplies and services from local suppliers and contractors.

How to tender​​​​​

All open tenders are advertised in the website as well as in the local Arabic and English newspapers. There is no pre-registration required for suppliers and contractors to participate in the open tender. Suppliers and contractors interested in participating in QatarEnergy LNG tender must first pay a mandatory fee in order to receive the tender package. The fee must be paid to the QatarEnergy LNG ​bank account specified in the tender advertisement. Interested bidders must compile the offers in accordance with the Instructions to Tenderers included in the tender package.

To know more about current Tenders click on “Open Tenders.”