QatarEnergy LNG is an integrated LNG company which forms part of a value chain that runs from well-head, off the coast of Qatar, to our consumers around the world.​​​​​

Offshore Production​​​

QatarEnergy LNG's offshore operation facilities are located approximately 80 kilometers north east of Qatar's mainland. A total of 208 wells supply approximately 18.5 billion standard cubic feet of gas.

Onshore Liquefaction

The natural gas then flows to the liquefaction trains for processing into LNG. There are 14 LNG production trains onshore.

Storage and​ Shipping

LNG is then transferred to one of the storage tanks prior to being loaded onto a vessel. QatarEnergy LNG manages and operates the LNG storage and loading facilities at Ras Laffan Terminal.​


Once loaded, the LNG is transported around the world using a long-term chartered fleet of state-of-the-art LNG carriers charted by LNG ventures. ​

​Associated Products​

These include liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), gas condensate, liquid helium, ethane, sales gas  sulphur, butane, granulated sulphur, propane, and molten sulphur.​​​